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1st International Conference

a cura di RE.GA.IN. Regenerative Galeazzi Institute


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Grand Hotel Imperiale

Via Regina 24, Moltrasio

Como Lake, Italy



It is possible to book a parking space at the Hotel garage; the cost is € 15 for the whole day; those interested in booking contact the organizing secretariat (parking spaces are limited)




A one-day event, with clinical focus in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Chronic Pain and Oral surgery. We will share successes and challenges in the clinical translation of Regenerative Medicine. From compliance to clinical data, marketing to practice management, attendees will walk away with practical and clinically viable solutions.



Regenerative medicine is emerging with great interest and hope from patients, industry, academia, and medical professionals. Cartilage, tendon and bone regeneration, restoration, or repair is one of the prime targets that remains largely unsolved, and many believe that regenerative medicine can possibly deliver solutions that can be widely used to address the current gap(s) in treatment. Many have made significant investment of time, resources, and facilities in recent years to provide new regenerative treatment options and advance medical care for patients.

Despite this, few reliable clinical data are available and can be used to support the efficacy of these approaches. RE.GA.IN, Regenerative Galeazzi Institute, is a centre of excellence that provides a clinical platform to ensure the best experience in regenerative medicine. Patients’ data are collected longitudinally through the most modern standard operative procedure and then interpreted to identify the most performing treatment for a given indication.


RE.GA.IN. treats the patients only with selected medical devices, paying attention to their scientific quality and safety profile. RE.GA.IN activities are supported by the Research Laboratories of the Galeazzi Research Hospital to ensure a full characterization of the biological products produced in a custom manner for each patient.

During the RE.GA.IN. 1st International Conference, designed to focus on regenerative medicine, we welcome the opportunity to share experience and opinion from medical professionals who have both an interest in, and have performed regenerative medicine procedures. Basic scientists and an outstanding international faculty will provide deep insights on the topic, encouraging lively debate, challenging questions with a desire to further develop skills in this surgical procedure, supported by the leading companies of the field.


From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm


8.00  Registration


9.00  Welcome

E. Bottinelli, CEO IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi

G. Banfi, Scientific Director - IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi

G. Spata, President OMCEO Como

R.C. Rossi, President OMCEO Milan


9.15 I session

Regenerative Medicine: the importance of an integrated approach Chair: G. Banfi, A.T Brini

Speakers: I. Martin, A. Wilson, L. de Girolamo, M.P. Landini


10.00  II session

Regenerative Medicine for conservative treatments in orthopaedics

Chair: C. Zorzi, K.C. Lagae

Speakers: F. Facchini, C. Zorzi, B. Di Matteo, M. Fini


11.00 Coffee break


11.30 III session

Regenerative Medicine as surgical adjuvant

Chair: E. Taverna, N. Ursino

Speakers: M. Ulivi, E. Taverna, R. Accetta


12.30 Technological session

Chair: L. Santoleri, A. Panzeri

Talks supported by:  Zimmer Biomet, Fidia, Rainbow BTI, MIDA-bio


13.15 Lunch


14.15  IV session

Regenerative Medicine: a multitasking tool

Chair: V. Sansone, M. Barbieri

Speakers: A. Stogicza, S. Taschieri, D. De Fazio


15.15 Round table

The perspective of the Scientific Societies

Chairs: L. de Girolamo, L. Francetti

Scientific Societies:


Discussants: A. Pessina, A.T. Brini, M. Mastrogiacomo, M. Del Fabbro, L. Mazzucco, C. Mortellaro, G. Filardo, C. Zorzi, G. Peretti, R. Accetta


Scientific Societies:

GISM (Italian Mesenchymal Stem Cells Group),

ANTHEC (Academy of Non Transfusional Hemo-Components), SIGASCOT (Società Italiana Ginocchio Artroscopia Sport Cartilagine e Tecnologie Ortopediche), SICOOP (Societa’ Italiana Chirurghi Ortopedici dell’Ospedalita’ Privata)

Discussants: A. Pessina, A.T. Brini, M. Mastrogiacomo, M. Del Fabbro, L. Mazzucco, C. Mortellaro, G. Filardo, C. Zorzi, G. Peretti, R. Accetta


16.00 V session

The backstage of a regenerative medicine center

Chair: G. Peretti, G. Melegati

Speakers: F. Cabitza, C. Messina, S. Criniti, M. Viganò


17.00 Closing remarks

G. Banfi, V. Salini





The RE.GA.IN. 1st International Conference is open and free for the first 100 registrants.


All medical professionals, scientists, academic and industrial personnel with an interest in regenerative medicine in the field of orthopeadics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and pain management are welcome to participate.


This Conference is mainly addressed to Italian physicians but foreign professionals are welcome as well.

Riccardo Accetta | Milan, Italy

Giuseppe Banfi | Milan, Italy

Massimo Barbieri | Milan, Italy

Anna Teresa Brini| Milan, Italy

Federico Cabitza | Milan, Italy

Salvatore Criniti | Milan, Italy

Domenico De Fazio | Milan, Italy

Laura de Girolamo | Milan, Italy

Massimo Del Fabbro | Milan, Italy

Berardo Di Matteo | Rozzano, Italy

Francesca Facchini | Milan, Italy

Giuseppe Filardo | Bologna, Italy

Milena Fini | Bologna, Italy

Luca Francetti | Milan, Italy

Koen Lagae | Antwerp, Belgium

Maria Paola Landini | Bologna, Italy

Ivan Martin | Basel, Switzerland

Laura Mazzucco | Alessandria, Italy

Gianluca Melegati | Milan, Italy

Carmelo Messina | Milan, Italy

Andrea Panzeri | Milan, Italy

Giuseppe Peretti | Milan, Italy

Augusto Pessina | Milan, Italy

Vincenzo Salini | Milan, Italy

Valerio Sansone | Milan, Italy

Luca Santoleri | Milan, Italy

Ágnes Stogicza | Budapest, Hungary

Silvio Taschieri | Milan, Italy

Ettore Taverna | Milan, Italy

Michele Ulivi | Milan, Italy

Nicola Ursino | Milan, Italy

Marco Viganò | Milan, Italy

Adrian Wilson | London, UK

Claudio Zorzi | Verona, Italy




Giuseppe Banfi

Scientific Director

IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi


Laura de Girolamo

Director of Orthopaedic

Biotechnology Laboratory

Director of RE.GA.IN.

REgenerative GAleazzi INstitute

Salvatore Criniti

Researcher, Data Manager RE.GA.IN.


Riccardo Pagliacci

Marketing Director RE.GA.IN.

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